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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Overview: Types of Challenges and Skills Requirements

What Is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels for marketing products and services to consumers. This marketing uses websites, mobile devices and social media. Search engines are used as well. The advent of the internet in 1990 made digital marketing a popular option.

Digital marketing is based on the same principles of traditional marketing. It can be used to reach consumers and understand their behaviour. Many companies combine digital and traditional marketing techniques in their strategies.



  • Digital marketing is marketing to consumers via any number of digital channels.
  • This type of marketing is often done on websites, mobile devices, or social media platforms.
  • This type of marketing is not the same as internet marketing which is done exclusively on websites.
  • Digital marketing encompasses many areas, such as attracting customers via email and content marketing, search engines, social media, etc.
  • Digital marketers have to figure out how to stand out in a digitally saturated world.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is any activity a company uses in order to promote its products or services and increase its market share. Marketing requires sales skills, advertising knowledge, and the ability of delivering goods to end-users to make it a success. This task is usually performed by specific marketers or professionals who are able to work both internally (for companies), and externally (with other marketing firms).


Traditional marketing strategies for corporations were radio, print, and television. These options are still available today, but the rise of internet has changed the way companies reach consumers. Digital marketing was born. This type of marketing includes the use of social media, websites, search engine, and apps. It also incorporates customer feedback or a two way interaction between the customer and the company.


Companies had to adapt their marketing strategies due to new trends and technology. Email was a common marketing tool in the early days digital marketing. Search engines like Netscape became the main focus of digital marketing. This allowed businesses to tag keywords and get noticed. Companies can now track consumer trends through the development of social media sites such as Facebook.


Smartphones, and other digital devices, make it easy for companies to market their products and services to customers. According to studies, people prefer to use their smartphones to access the internet. It should not surprise that 70% people make purchasing decisions on their phones before actually hitting the buy button.

Special Considerations

Advertisers are often referred to as “sources”, while targeted ads recipients are called receivers. Sources often target very specific and well-defined receivers.


McDonald’s extended its late-night hours and targeted travelers and shift workers with digital ads. This was because it knew that these people were a significant part of its late-night business. They were encouraged to download the Restaurant Finder App and targeted them with advertisements placed at gas stations, ATMs, and other websites its customers frequent.


Different types of digital marketing channels

Marketing was traditionally done via print (newspapers, magazines and radio) and broadcast ads (TV or radio). These channels still exist today. Digital marketing channels continue to evolve. Here are eight common channels companies can use to increase their marketing efforts. Companies may employ multiple channels to boost their marketing efforts.

Website Marketing

All digital marketing activities revolve around a website. Websites are a powerful medium, but they also serve as the platform for executing a range of online marketing campaigns. Websites should clearly and memorablely represent brands, products, or services. It should be mobile-friendly and fast.

Advertisement via Pay-Per-Click

Marketers can reach Internet users through pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Marketers can create PPC campaigns on Google or Bing, LinkedIn and Twitter to show their ads to people who are searching for the product or service.

PPC campaigns can be segmented based on demographic characteristics, such as age and gender, or targeted at their specific interests or locations. Google Ads is the most popular PPC platform.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about reaching potential customers by using content. A website usually publishes content. The content is then promoted via social media, email marketing and search engine optimization. Content marketing tools include ebooks, webinars, infographics and podcasts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient digital marketing channels. Email marketing is often confused with spam mail messages. However, this is not the purpose of email marketing. This type of marketing allows companies and individuals to reach potential customers or anyone who is interested in their brand.

Digital marketers often use all digital marketing channels to add leads and then create customer acquisition funnels through email marketing to convert those leads into customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns are designed to build brand awareness and social trust. You can also use social media marketing to generate leads and even direct sales. Two examples of social media marketing are promoted posts and tweets.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around since the beginning of marketing. The internet has given new life to this traditional method of marketing. Affiliate marketing allows influencers to promote the products of others and receive a commission for each sale or lead. Affiliate programs for well-known companies such as Amazon pay millions per month to sites that sell their products.

Video Marketing

YouTube is the most used search engine in the world. YouTube is a popular search engine that users use to find information, review and relax, as well as to make buying decisions.

You can use several video marketing platforms to launch a campaign, such as Instagram and Facebook Videos. Companies have the best success with video when it is integrated with content marketing and SEO.

SMS Messaging

Nonprofit organizations and companies also use text messages or SMS to inform customers about new promotions and offer opportunities. To spread positive information about their platforms, candidates for office use SMS messages to send out SMS message campaigns. Many text-to-give campaigns allow customers to pay directly or send a simple message.

Digital marketing is different from internet marketing. Internet marketing refers to advertising that is only on the internet. Digital marketing, however, can be done via mobile devices, on a subway platform or in a game.

Digital Marketing Challenges

The challenges that digital marketing presents to its providers are unique. Digital channels are rapidly expanding and digital marketers must keep up to date with their use, how they’re used, and how to market their products and services effectively.

Receivers are becoming increasingly bombarded with competing ads, making it more difficult to grab their attention. It is also difficult for digital marketers to analyze the vast amounts of data they collect and then use this information in new marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing must be based on an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior. It may be necessary for a company, for example, to analyze new forms consumer behavior such as website heatmaps, to gain more insight into the customer journey.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency deals only with marketing to consumers via digital channels. This includes creating and launching campaigns through social media, video, pay-per click advertising, websites, and videos for corporate clients.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a way for companies to increase their traffic via search engines. The goal is to push their websites and names towards the top of search results pages. Search results can be either organically or manually. Companies that are able successfully to apply SEO to their digital marketing strategies will be more visible to consumers.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing refers to any type of marketing that is exclusively done online. It is only available on websites. This is different from digital marketing which includes marketing on social media sites and mobile apps. These campaigns can be done via smartphones and digital devices as well as other platforms.

How can I become a digital marketer?

Strong writing skills are essential for digital marketers. They also need to be proficient in data analytics and social media. For most positions in digital marketing, a bachelor’s degree is required. This can be in any business field, such as marketing or communications. You might also be interested in taking courses or bootcamps that are specifically focused on digital marketing. You may also want to do an internship while you are in school. 2 A master’s in digital marketing is possible, but not essential for entry into the field.

What skills are required for digital marketing?

To effectively communicate the story of your product to your customers, you must be skilled in both writing and communication. Data analytics skills are essential for understanding the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and where you can improve them. Social media skills and other online skills are essential.

The Best bottom line

Traditional media was used to execute some of the most successful advertising campaigns in the world. The Marlboro Man was a popular print character, while Wendy’s won people over with its “Where’s my beef?” tagline. tagline. Companies had to shift their attention due to changes in how people consume media. Digital marketing is just as important, if not more, than traditional advertising or marketing tools. As technology changes, you can expect that things will continue to evolve.

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